Do you love what you do?

You know, I really cannot tell you what a heart calling feels like. But what I can tell you is when you are doing what you like/love, you will feel the happiest and joyful from the inside. There will be a constant rush of energy and excitement in you all the time. Yes, you will have good days and bad days too, no day will be ideal but you’ll know the bad days will pass soon.

There is no doubt that there be challenges, difficulty, proving yourself, again and again, competition, and lots of hard work. But you know, it will be worth it.

I never propose to my clients that you should leave your current job, but sometimes we just stick onto assumptions, wrong beliefs, and fears so much that we lack the communication that we need with our manager/boss/family. One good conversation can make you feel awesome in a way you have never felt at work.

But sometimes the work environment, colleagues, transit, deserving paycheck, opportunities, boss, they seem to never change and gets worse day by day which leads to you questioning your own worth. As much difficult and ideal it may sound, I believe that every millennial who wants to have a happy and joyful life, deserves a job or a career that can flourish them. Obviously taking into consideration, work is not everything but isn’t work something that we keep in mind when we call ourselves successful.

(I so wish one day we can also be in a joyful state of mind, looking at the many successful relationships we have)

Coming back to success, I think it’s definitely a relative term but the sad part is we are not aware that it is. Tell me the first person who comes to your mind when you think of success. Elon, Mark, Ambani, Jeff, Steve, who? You know what these people themselves feel they have not achieved the kind of success they want to, to call themselves highly successful. Success is a relative term and please don’t beat yourself up by thinking that it’s impossible to be successful. It is possible, you can feel successful in just a fraction of a minute. You just need to define what makes you successful without comparing yourself with anyone else. Plus, working towards it.

Listen to your heart, it knows what you can do, what you deserve, what is possible, and what is pure BS.

This Wednesday I did an IG( @letsfindyourbeyond) live (it’s a weekly thing btw) to tell you what :

3 things I continuously did to find that career that I absolutely love today. ( You can watch the IGTV in case you missed it).

  1. Self Reflection + Continuous Questioning

I gave my 200% effort in what I was doing, but I kept asking myself that “Is there where I can see myself in years to come ?, Do I want to do this for the rest of my life ?, Is this giving me joy?” But giving 200% effort will stop your brain from arguing with your heart by saying that you know what, maybe you did not work hard enough. So this way, while I was giving all that I have to my work but still felt a big missing piece, I decided this is not where I belong.

2. Look at the failures as a sign and keep exploring

When we give 200% effort, still some things fail. Now that failure is an opportunity, that is telling you that you can be best at something else, to keep exploring things outside your zone. Try new skills, take something part-time, and see how you like it. Maybe start trying to generate some kind of income from it, so that even if you can’t leave the job you are in right now because of financial reasons, at least you will draw some confidence that this is just not one thing from where I can grow.

3. Always give your values a priority

Never take up a job that does not align with your core values and beliefs. Because with time, it will turn into stress, you will start hating your own self each day for doing things that are just not acceptable to your soul, worst, your relationships at home take a toll.

Easier said than done, it took me good 4 years to realize that I was made for business, and doing a job is just not a thing for me. But I am glad I had my share of bitter-sweet experiences because that landed me here today to help you guys. So, if you feel stuck in a job badly and just can’t seem to move forward. Try the above things, some of it may look too bold and difficult to try, (trust me, it’s not) but hey, here I am to help you get out of that weird place and take you to a place where you feel good about what you are doing each day(almost :P).

But yes, don’t define your success by the numbers or how huge your office building is. There is more to life than just a job. There is actually more to your career than just a job. Let’s find that damn thing together and at least give that a try before regrets start creeping.

Do share your views & Please follow me on IG : @letsfindyourbeyond

I am here to talk about anything & everything that Millennials experience. Also, I am really interested in talking about long-distance relationships.

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Arti Khandelwal

Arti Khandelwal

I am here to talk about anything & everything that Millennials experience. Also, I am really interested in talking about long-distance relationships.

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